Divorce Lawyers – How Much Do They Make?

By | September 23, 2021

It differs from one territory to the other, but the range is between $50 per hour to over $300 per hour. The practice area might not be as lucrative as before because nowadays before preferring a DIY process to involve a family law barristers sydney. Unless you must employ an attorney, it is less costly to take a friendly approach in your divorce process otherwise divorce lawyers are paid to keep parties involved fighting. If you can agree to share your matrimonial properties amicably, there is no need to involve lawyers.

Many marriages face turbulence at one stage or another that may necessitate dissolution. The process of separation isn’t a costly affair. With the right divorce lawyer, he should help you get through and start over the next phase of your life soon. Filling a divorce does not involve a lot of paperwork, i.e listing all the properties and children and all assets you both have. Applying for a divorce is a straightforward affair, although you might need a lawyer to take care of statutory requirements and to offer guidance. A divorce lawyer will make sure all the application forms are duly filled, and the right certificates and affidavits attached.

Family Law in the past used to be as lucrative as any other legal practice area, but since there have been more lawyers than divorce cases, the field has become competitive, and scramble for jobs is evident in the practice area. It has helped cut down the cost of divorce for many families, but most parties agree to settle their differences without involving a lawyer to cut down the cost of divorce. Although there are scenarios where hiring a legal attorney is inevitable, especially where there has been violence between parties.

How to file for a divorce

Before heading to the magistrate’s court to file for a divorce, here are some prerequisites one must have before the case is admitted:

  • ¬†Proof of marriage through the original marriage certificate
  • There must be proof of separation for at least 12 months
  • The other party involved must be served with the same 28 days prior
  • Children’s welfare must be well taken cared of in the agreement

Once the court is satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that every condition has been met, it may grant the order for divorce which will take effect one month after the order. Thereafter, the courts will issue certificates of divorce to each party.


Before you file for a divorce, the court requires 12 months of separation before it grants one to file for a divorce. But it can be tricky for couples with kids because they are forced to stay together for the sake of them. But current legislation allows couples to live apart even under the same roof, but there must be proof to the courts that the parties are separated even when they are living under the same roof. Beyond filing for a divorce, other processes will follow suit including the division of assets and child custody. The courts take into consideration child welfare and contact times and it rules in favour of children in most circumstances.


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